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Creating multifamily development opportunities for business professionals to passively grow their wealth

We’re Stoneshore Capital

A premier Real Estate Syndication Company located right here in Steinbach, Manitoba. We love working on ground-up development projects, creating top-notch investment opportunities in multifamily commercial real estate.
Our main goal? Getting you those sweet passive real estate returns!

our portfolio

Our main focus is on ground up development of apartment housing communities and reviving commercial retail spaces throughout Manitoba.


  • Ground Up Development
  • 20 townhome apartment units in blumenort
  • Cost to build $3,800,000
  • Appraised over $4,300,000 upon completion


  • commercial retail buy and hold
  • Acquired in 2018 for $560,000
  • Current value of $1,549,000


  • ground up development
  • 16 unit townhome design
  • $100,000 of investor equity grew to
  • $175,000 in 12 months

benefits of
multifamily investing

 Lower risk profile relative to other real estate and alternative investments.

 Stability across economic cycles.

 Tax benefits.

 Ownership of tangible assets.

 Limitations in housing supply and rising costs of homeownership.

  Superior financing terms for multifamily assets.

  Continued rising demand for rental housing due to demographic trends.

Owen Reimer, Managing Partner

Owen Reimer is the Managing Partner at Stoneshore Capital. He has a strong track record in out-of-the-box investments, particularly in commercial and multifamily properties. Before focusing on real estate full-time, he founded Steinbach Financial, providing insurance and investment services for 15 years. Since 2011, Owen has excelled in private real estate investments, showcasing his skill in building relationships and overseeing projects from start to finish.

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